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<em>From the Archive:</em> <br>Bob Gates: Of Fish and Film — 3 Comments

  1. Lyn Wyatt saw that Weber was created. He secured money from the WV dept of culture and history, did sound, was there at editing, convinced new world pictures to release cuts from “street girls”.. he befriended and supported Weber as he devolved., and strangely is not mentioned in this glowing treatise of a self centered cheapskate, user, pain in the ass… r.i.p.,,, Bob..

    • Hey, Lyn…. This ‘glowing treatise’ was written in 1998 or something
      – for a magazine that probably didn’t last long….

      Did you and the author know each other then…?
      (Did Gates give you adequate credit in the film – arguably the only place it really counts?)

      Drop me an email if you wanna talk more about the past…
      All best,

  2. I had the honor to meet and get to know Bob when we hired him as part of a filming project that highlighted tourism during 1999. I found him to be quirky and weirdly funny, but a real pro with vision. Bob paid me the ultimate compliment in telling me I had a good eye for film, while I was directing a second unit shot along side of him.
    It was a pleasure to help legitimize the film industry during those early years, even though people like Bob and Danny Boyd had toiled for years on their own.
    Steve Scott, former tourism advertising director and former film industry development office director.

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