Based on a true story.

Carla Rising finds herself caught between two rival leaders in a workers’ rebellion.

The conniving Sheriff Riley Gore uses his strike-breaking police to enforce authoritarian rule across a mountainous landscape of small mining communities.

When thousands of workers decide to strike, the atrocities escalate, compelling Carla to become more deeply involved.

In the end, her decision to join 10,000 angry coal miners on an armed march against the sheriff is as much a personal choice as a political one, favoring one man and his ideas over the other.

Carla Rising walks a rugged path for justice as she and the miners defend their mountain settlement. The conflict ultimately draws the involvement of the US Army, whose leaders threaten to use their newest bombing planes to put a quick end to the energy war if Carla and the miners don’t back down….

Carla Rising follows the injustice and violence endured by a real community of coal miners in the 1920s. This rugged band stands up to callous industrialists and corrupt law-enforcement officials to win decent working conditions, fair pay and greater regard for human life.