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  1. Hello Topper. I really enjoyed reading your article. Have you considered complimenting your analysis with one of the cultural conditions that have enabled the Republican candidate to be so successful?

    For sometime, culturally speaking that is, the US has been moving towards fascism just like the other nations that make up the NATO alliance. Zygmunt Bauman’s books provide great food for thought here and tools for comparative analysis of our modern times that would help pick out the cultural elements I allude to.

    There is a sense of irony to this Republican candidate’s ascent, if one views it as in part a consequence of so many years of propaganda to keep the ‘state of war’ going and to maintain the United State’s hegemonic global status. Even the text books on reading courses for international relations have ‘US’ and ‘international’ editions approved by the propagandists!

    But a cultural analysis is deeper than this and even a cursory glance of the changes in institutional structures evidences, for those of a sociological mindset, a more overt fascist turn. The surveillance and digital panopticant and even the construction of a great many internment camps are no more the imaginings of conspiracy theorists. They are quite real.

    On the former and looking at(military:NSA:NATO)-institutional sub-cultures the symbols and icons adopted, inasmuch as the semiotics, have fascist undertones too. The fact that they mirror the actual technological structures (digital panopticant) that in themselves are a hallmark of a fascist nation, is indeed very concerning.

    I’ll end with these final thoughts; just like the German Nazis of yesteryear the US experimented on populations with comparatively equal tragic outcomes and the US was, after all, founded of the back of a number of genocides.

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